EP 4 – HAS DISNEY KILLED THE STAR WARS UNIVERSE? – Mandalorian, Ludwig Göransson & Oh No…Not Again

Welcome to EP 4 with myself Ben Coe, and my fellow co-star, Ben Knop, in the next edition of “Conversation with Ben.” Today we talk all things Star Wars and our thoughts on what Disney has done with our precious Star Wars franchise.

After Ben Knop brings up that he’s been watching ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2 and we chat a little about the series, I chime in about the composer of the Season 1 & 2, Ludwig Göransson and his use of the Bass Recorder. We talk about the series quality sound effects and move onto the visuals of the show and their use of LED screen panels on their sets.

Finally, I ask Ben Knop for his top tip, as a newbie, what’s the best way to watch the Star Wars films?

So once again join us for a raw and fun conversation as we explore a wide range of topics, including our interests, our careers and what our thoughts are as we explore the art and science of sound, music and technology. Please rate our podcast and comment with a hello or the star emoji to let us know you’re listening!

Listen to the episode below:


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