EP 2 – HAS STREAMING KILLED THE CINEMA? – Avatar 2, OPR Mics and More Failing Cameras

Listen in on me Ben Knop, and my fellow Ben, Ben Coe, in the second edition of our new podcast, “Conversation with Ben.” In this conversation we discuss what’s been happening in our lives including Ben Coe’s adventure to Colour Sound Studio, nerding out on vintage sound gear as well as testing out some new OPR Microphones he borrowed from Mark the creator of OPR Mics. I tell Ben about my little filming gig from the week for Wilderlands a new environmental start up and some dialogue restoration for a Sydney Opera House video.

Both Ben and I recently went to the cinema to see Avatar 2 in Dolby Atmos and this sparked a discussion of whether streaming services have killed the cinema. We dive deep in the score, the clean dialogue and the huge soundtrack of Avatar 2 and what we thought about the Dolby Atmos experience. Ben Coe talks tells us an interesting story about the lead composer James Horner on Avatar 1 and Simon Franglen the lead composer for Avatar 2. I talk about the clarity of the dialogue in Avatar 2 and make comparisons with Tron: Legacy.

We finish with our new segment “Ben’s Hot Tip” where Ben ask Ben for our tip of the week. In this weeks conversation the question is “Where is the best place to sit in the cinema?”.

So once again join us for a raw and fun conversation as we explore a wide range of topics, including our interests, our careers and what our thoughts are as we explore the art and science of sound, music and technology. Please rate our podcast and comment with a hello or the thumbs up emoji to let us know you’re listening!

Listen to the episode below:


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