EP 1 – WHY START A PODCAST? – Our Studios, Our Careers and Failing Cameras

Join me, Ben Coe, and my fellow Ben, Ben Knop, in the first episode of our brand new podcast, “Conversation with Ben.” We discuss everything from film and TV scores to our beloved pets, Panda and Bonbon. As the first of our podcasts we thought you should get to know us and why we decided to start a podcast together. We love to talk and we think we’re good at it and having a podcast gives us a motivation to spend more time together.

Ben Knop talks about his work in post-production for Australian horror films, and I share my thoughts on the appeal of horror movies for independent filmmakers. I we also discuss his work in audio post-production for live concerts, TV commercials, and video clips. As well as his new horror film, “Godless the Eastfield Exorcism,” being shown at Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans!

Ben Coe discusses his work in composing and mastering as well as leading the broadcast & digital team at Arts Centre Melbourne and his plans to start his own YouTube channel called @BenCoeStudio. We also cover the exciting topic of the prospects of upgrading Ben Knop’s studio to Dolby Atmos and my studio to 5.1 surround sound, and talk about my delicious speaker the beautifully honest ‘Amphions’.

So join us for a raw and fun conversation as we explore a wide range of topics, including our interests, our careers and what we think this podcast should be about. We can’t wait to see where this podcast goes and make changes based on your feedback, so comment with a hello or the eggplant emoji to let us know you’re listening!

Listen to the episode below:


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